Homelessness Facts

In 2015, 4092 shelter beds in Toronto were expected to be used on any given night. This number was 4.5% higher than the number of beds needed in 2014. And that’s only scratching the surface. In 2013, reporters found that at least 200 000 Canadians experience homelessness per year. Of this number, youth from the ages of 16 to 24 make up 20%. Canadian military veterans make up 7% of the country’s homeless population. While only 1% of Toronto’s general population identifies as Aboriginal, 33% of its homeless population is Aboriginal. 29% of Canada’s homeless population is 51 or older. The percentage of seniors in the homeless population has more than doubled over the past four years. The numbers just keep climbing. But, thankfully, so do ours.


6000+Kits distributed each year
170-200Organizations helped each year
432,000Items distributed in 2015


More Facts

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