We are thrilled to announce that, even though we weren’t able to gather for an actual event, we found an adapted solution to get 400,000 bottles of water to our most vulnerable citizens, across Southern Ontario.
Our sincere thanks to Nestle Waters Canada, Salvation Army, Fortigo Freight and Toronto Police Services for all of your support in making this come together. We are truly grateful!

Founded in 1999 by Jody Steinhauer, Project Water was conceived in response to the inexcusable fact that more homeless people die from dehydration in the summer than from exposure in the winter.

Safe, clean drinking water is not a luxury, but the human body’s most fundamental need. Unfortunately, it’s a basic need that many homeless individuals in the Greater Toronto area too often go without. Especially during these hot summer months, a  bottle of water can save a life.

Thanks to generous people just like you, Project Water has been working to bring clean drinking water and other basic survival necessities to homeless people in Toronto since 1999. Together, we’ve distributed over 3.5 million water bottles to those in desperate need, and that number continues to climb!

Your gift of just $50 will help provide clean drinking water and a Summer Survival Kit to someone whose life depends on it. No amount is too big or too small to help save lives this summer!

For each Project Water event, we will distribute 300,000 bottles of water and 3,000 Summer Survival Kits. We have hundreds of volunteers and businesses who continue to donate their time and support, but the need is too big, and we need your help to make it happen!

Please give generously. Every donation makes an impact.