Project Winter Survival is back on Saturday, January 21st, 2017!

Engage and Change

Engage and Change is a charity that was created to foster good citizenship and encourage healthy communities by giving back. Engage and Change gives people and companies the opportunities to do hands on group volunteer projects that assemble and build kits to assist on the alleviation of poverty. These kits are then distributed to the local communities through social service agencies directly to those in need.




To assist those in need in our communities by promoting, identifying, and developing partnerships between individuals, for-profit, and not-for-profit organizations. We will stand out from other charitable organizations by designing events that will engage Individuals, who will contribute their time, and businesses who will contribute money and product. They will assemble kits containing supplies for everyday survival that will be distributed, through not-for-profit organizations, to those who need them. We will inspire people and businesses to engage in a hands-on experience with a tangible outcome that will change the daily lives of people in our communities.

Project Winter Survival



Project Winter Survival is dedicated to providing the homeless and less fortunate with Survival Kits which in turn provide warmth and essential supplies needed for survival on the streets during the winter season.

Sponsor a Kit!

For a donation of as little as $25.00, you will help provide a Winter Survival kit which will help keep someone alive and warm this winter.

Project Water



Project Water was born in response to the inexcusable fact that more homeless people die from dehydration in the summer months than from exposure in the winter.

How you can help

We are always looking for new reusable water bottles, or financial donations will help us build Project Water Summer Survival Kits.



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